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Here we have five videos that explore our value proposition. We aim to provide a full suite for DAOists with a holistic approach to DAOs. Become a better DAO stakeholder, so you can create more value for your DAO and better opportunities for your stakeholders to evolve.


The network and group that can solve problems.

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The Avolve Network is working to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is a transparent organization that leverages smart contracts to reach consensus, is sovereign over its consensus state, has no secrets, and holds no external property.


The Avolve Group is made up of verified individual members, delegates, and contributors of the network who collectively control the Avolve Foundation, Avolve Holdings, and Avolve Management, a trifecta of organizations run by leaders elected to serve the network.


Global network, local networks & network effect. 

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We’re co-creating the network effect of DAOs via our company.


We’re co-creating the global network of DAOs via our community.


We’re co-creating the local networks of DAOs via our country.


Organizations that provide value to our network.

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Our non-profit organization that administers gifts and micro loans.


Our for-profit organization that holds enterprises and investments.


Our management organization that manages ventures and capital.


Tools we use to cooperate as a network & group.

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Fractal DAO

The decentralized exchange and social media network on a high performance smart contract platform with the most advanced fractal governance process (by Fractally).

Hypha DHO

The best tools to build your DAO are fraud resistant and democratic tools for groups of humans to organize, govern, recognize, and coordinate like never before (from Hypha).


Guidance with joining, making, & growing a DAO.

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Enter a DAO

Learn what exactly a DAO is and why you may want to join a DAO. If so, which DAO is the best for you to join and become a member?

Make a DAO

Everything you need to start a DAO and grow it from just an idea into a success. Bring your DAO to life through several simple steps.

Grow a DAO

Boost your value, evolve your product, develop your front-end and your back-end systems, plus measure your progress in your DAO, so you have the skills, tools, and processes that you need to succeed in mastering the fundamental movements of your own domain.

The Conditions That Make Life Worth Living Forever

Our gift to mankind is: idealizing the conditions that will make life on Earth worth living forever, and then actualizing those conditions through our suite of unique solutions, systems, services, software, and support that is designed to benefit DAOists and reward DAOs.