Overview of the Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Goals

There are four videos throughout this page that explain: 1) why Avolve exists and our intention; 2) our master plan for creating values; 3) our shared picture of mission success; and 4) our objectives of the mission and vision. Please keep scrolling and watch the videos.


Why Avolve exists and our intention.

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A Word, Brand, and Entity

Avolve is a new word, a brand name, and an entity in the early stages of development.

It’s also a domaingame and value for improving yourself and your DAO for the better.

The Word

Avolve is a play on the word evolve.

It’s inspired by the concept of autonomic evolution that we can sense in autonomous organizations like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as in our body and throughout nature.

It works as a verb, which means…

We can avolve anything and everything that is based upon the mentality of mankind, such as sectors (Energy), industries (Healthcare), countries (Mexico), cities (London).

The Brand

Imagine something like Virgin Group with a unanimously branded portfolio of ventures.

Imagine the World Economic Forum, but with a different set of agendas and platforms.

Imagine a cohesive conglomerate of brands like Virgin, Disney & Google, but as DAOs.

Imagine TED and Medium, yet with a collaborative consensus of ideas worth realizing.

Imagine a16z and Y Combinator with singular focus on supporting the DAO landscape.

The Entity

We use a combination of entities to operate as an organization.

  • AVOLVE DAO – a network built into smart contracts.
  • AVOLVE DAO LLC – a group governing the network.
  • AVOLVE INC – a foundation giving grants and loans.
  • AVOLVE LTD – holding enterprises and investments.
  • AVOLVE LLC – managing a venture capital portfolio.

Here is a quick overview and brief explanation of these entities:

Avolve Network (DAO)

The Avolve Network is working to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), which is a transparent organization that leverages smart contracts to reach consensus, is sovereign over its consensus state, has no secrets, and holds no external property.

The intent of code is law and all network participants must agree to abide by the prime law. If they do not agree, they cannot play.

Members of the Avolve Network use a fractal governance process to select delegates who play key roles within the Avolve Group.

Avolve Group (DAO LLC)

The Avolve Group is made up of verified individual members, delegates, and contributors of the network who collectively control the Avolve Foundation, Avolve Holdings, and Avolve Management, a trifecta of organizations run by leaders elected to serve the network.

Our chief aim is to idealize and actualize the optimum conditions for the global network, local networks, and network effect of DAOs, which means we are building, funding, and helping DAOs evolve and thrive with this mandate constantly in the forefront of our focus.

Avolve Foundation (INC)

The Avolve Foundation is a non-profit corporation with a board of directors who are only selected via a fractal governance process. 

It provides value to the network via Avolve Gifts (grants) and Avolve Loans (micro-loans) plus it can receive tax-deductible donations.

Avolve Holdings (LTD)

Avolve Holdings is a for-profit corporation with a board of directors who have been elected via the same process as the foundation.

It provides value to the network via Avolve Investments (non-VC asset classes) and Avolve Enterprises (brand and domain licensing).

Avolve Management (LLC)

Avolve Management is a for-profit organization with managers who are legally appointed via elected delegates of the Avolve Group.

It provides value to the network through Avolve Ventures (a branded portfolio of DAO ventures) and Avolve Capital (SAFEs & SAFTs).

The Domain

With a vital portfolio of branded domain names, Avolve intends to expand its realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the next evolution of the internet. Avolve Domains will shape into various sites/apps that correspond to the brand name.

The Game

Avolve is a transreality game that takes place in the year 2022 on Earth. Players have to work together to transform themselves and society for the better, if they want to thrive. The world is constantly revolving while you are online and offline, so you must assume the role of your own character and command control of your own actions in the game. 

The Value

Avolve is a Venture DAO that has a venture cooperative for members, delegates, and contributors of DAOs, plus a venture builder studio and venture capital fund for DAOs, which is in the early stages of development. Here is the value proposition statement:

Our Venture DAO empowers you to become a better DAO stakeholder, plus enjoy your role in the next generation of DAOs while also creating more value for your DAO as well as opportunities for your DAO stakeholders to master the basic movements of the DAO via a suite of solutions, systems, services, software and support for DAOs and DAOists.


Our master plan for creating values.

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Avolve 1K

Produce a value for avolving thousands of individuals and collectives.

Avolve 1M

Use that network to develop a value for avolving millions of individuals.

Avolve 1B

Use that network to develop a value for avolving billions of individuals.

Avolve 10B

And ultimately, provide a value that’s avolving 100% of the population.


A shared picture of mission success.

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The Human Experience is Evolved

Humanity has transformed from surviving in the anticivilization to thriving in the supercivilization.

The World Around Us is Advanced

Earth is unified via three laws and seven rules that guarantee peace and love exist on the planet.

The Being Within You is Enhanced

Your overall happiness in life is boosted and you’re living a lifestyle of health, wealth, and peace.

Your Innate Potential is Actualized

You are reconnected with your body, networked with other bodies, and able to govern networks.


Objectives of the mission and vision.

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Immediate Focus

Work together to build, fund, and help the next generation of DAOs win.

Short-Term Focus

Cooperate the network and group that will make life worth living forever.

Long-Term Focus

Idealize and actualize the conditions that let individuals prosper happily.

Ultimate Focus

Become a superhuman living in a supersociety within a supercivilization.

Earth’s First Immortals and their Invincible Endeavor

Alright, now you have a strategic overview of our intention. Avolve is focusing on our individual and collective journeys into an entirely new world. The new world, however, is not fantasy. The new world already exists as a supercivilization in parallel to the anticivilization. That new world is our destiny; it is your future rapidly coming your way. Avolve is a way we can enjoy the new world sooner than later.