Avolving Yourself, Others, Society, and Life on Earth

Throughout this page there are four videos that express the general storyline which each of us is involved in as we continue along our journey of changing the game, changing the world, changing our lives, and more. Let’s focus on becoming more humane and civilized.

Change The Game

How can you change the game for the better?

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Avolve Quest

Transform from direly surviving in the anticivilization to eternally thriving in the supercivilization.

Avolve One

Desired Reality: Civilization 1.0

Avolve Zero

Current Reality: Civilization 0.7

Avolve Today

Our Progress from Zero to One

Change The World

How can you change the world for the better?

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Avolve World

Unify Earth via the three laws and seven rules that guarantee peace and love exist on the planet.

Avolve Earth

Focused Development of the planet to establish equality and concentration on increased living conditions as well as global projects.

Avolve Zones

Earth regions are established by land divided based on distance from the equator to the north and south poles as horizontal dividers.

Avolve Cities

Cities establish the rules that govern the specific actions of citizens in order to create a customized experience for people to choose. 

Avolve Centers

Communities are sub-sections of cities that can be generalized as well as specialized for attracting visitors to the city for enjoyment.

Avolve Builds

Each building has a specific purpose and its own rule set. The buildings must first adhere to regional, city, and community rule sets. 

Avolve Homes

A person’s home is their own space and can be customized to the extent allowed by sets of rules enacted by the city and community.

Avolve Lives

Each individual human being has the right to create their own rules for what, where, when, why and how they will experience their life.

Change Your Life

How can you change your life for the better?

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Avolve Life

Boost your overall happiness in life and enjoy living in your world with health, wealth, and peace.

Avolve Health

Enhance the Elementals of Your Health

Avolve People

Energize Your Connections with People

Avolve Career

Improve Your Ability to Generate Wealth

Avolve House

Customize Your Own Individual Habitat

Be Your Own Guru

How can you change yourself for the better?

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Avolve Guru

Reconnect with your body, network together with other bodies and be able to govern networks.

Avolve Genius

Personal Development of Genius Brains

Identify where you are naturally genius.

Boost your senses and identify where you are naturally a genius by detecting high value neural networks.

Avolve Expert

Professional Development of Living Experts

Build your genius into skilled expertise.

Develop your skill set in these genius areas while cutting out all the low value areas of your life. Build this into a profession.

Avolve Leader

Executive Development of World Leaders

Grow your expertise into an enterprise.

Grow your profession into a larger business and network. Lead a group of people all focused on a single objective.

Avolve Human

Enterprise Development of Human Beings

Expand your enterprise via your genius.

Begin connecting with other networks by expanding your genius senses from repeating the cycle a couple more times.

Becoming Super Humane and Living Super Civilized

Now that you’re aware of the worldview and storyline that makes the most sense to us, please continue your journey of learning about Avolve and everything we are working toward. Check out our strategic overview and our value proposition. When you’re ready, join us!