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If you’re aiming to empower yourself to become a better DAO stakeholder and enjoy your role in the next generation of DAOs, then follow these steps.

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First, we’ll give you a strategic overview of Avolve’s purpose, mission, vision, and goals. Second, we’ll give you a succinct summary of our suite of solutions, systems, services, software, and support for DAOists and DAOs (i.e., our value proposition). And then we’ll give you an explanation of our business model, so you can see that the value we offer you through Avolve is desirable, feasible, and viable.

Every weekend we host an online meeting for anyone who is interested in learning more about Avolve and the benefits of membership. Through these weekly meetings, we can answer your questions and give you a more interactive experience with members of the DAO.

If you’ve completed the course and attended the event, then you’re now ready to join the DAO and begin experiencing all the benefits. When you’re ready, please follow the instructions to become a member. We’re excited to welcome you and honor your genius. Join us.

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