Let's build, fund, and help the next generation of DAOs!

Being a better DAO stakeholder and creating more value for your DAO involves mastering the three fundamental movements of DAOs, but before you do that, we encourage you to learn a bit about Avolve and our commitment to idealizing and actualizing the conditions for the next generation of DAOs to thrive, because you may want to consider joining us as you continue your own journey of avolving.

Learn About Avolve
Learn About Avolve DAO

Who we are, what we have for you, what Avolve does for you, how it works, how to join and why join today.

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We are members, delegates, and contributors of DAOs.

We’re actively participating in DAOs because we are bullish on the impact that DAOs will have on you, us, and everyone for the better.

Every DAO seems to eventually need its participants to play three types of generic roles (e.g., members, delegates, and contributors).

A Member is someone who has formally joined the DAO and is now receiving value. We get the benefits from membership in the DAO.

A Delegate is a Member who is an elected representative and can govern the DAO. We are defending, protecting and enforcing rights.

A Contributor is a Member tasked with playing a particular role that’s providing value. We are rewarded for actively contributing value.

Here at Avolve, we are made up of these three types of members:

General Members

General Members are people involved in DAOs that generally align with our values. We’re concerned with their success. They matter.

General Members get a general NFT giving them general access.

Special Members

Special Members are people involved in DAOs built using software from Hypha or Fractally. We’re indirectly influencing their success.

Special Members hold a special NFT giving them special access.

Official Members

Official Members are building, funding, and helping DAOs officially branded with Avolve. We’re directly impacted by Avolve’s success.

Official Members own an official NFT giving them official access.

You can participate as a member in whatever way aligns with you.

That is a bit about who we are. Now, here is what we have for you.

Avolve is a Venture DAO with a Coop, Studio, and Fund.

Avolve is a Venture DAO that has a venture cooperative for members, delegates, and contributors of DAOs, plus a venture builder studio and venture capital fund for DAOs, which is still in the early stages of development. This is our value proposition statement:

Our Venture DAO empowers you to become a better DAO stakeholder and enjoy your role in the next generation of DAOs while also creating more value for your DAO and opportunities for your DAO stakeholders to master the fundamental movements of your DAO through our holistic suite of unique solutions, systems, services, software and support that’s intended to avolve you and your DAO. 

A Venture Cooperative for helping DAOs

Our venture cooperative helps DAO stakeholders (i.e., members, delegates, contributors of DAOs) who want to improve themselves, others, and society for the better by working together in co-creating the global network, local networks, and network effect of DAOs.

You have login access to our site/app, corresponding roles in our Discord, plus full access to all courses, events, forums, and groups that are available to you based on your level of interest and participation as a general member, special member or an official member.

Once you’ve joined us, then we will airdrop your membership NFT to your wallet address that you’ve provided to us during the signup.

Venture Builder Studio for building DAOs

Our venture builder studio enables stakeholders who want to build DAOs by achieving fit on paper, in the market, and in the wallet.

We intend to ideate and incubate new DAOs as well as accelerate and realize existing DAOs via general, special and official cohorts.

If you’re building a venture, you’re welcome to join a cohort. Or you can play a role in running our incubator or accelerator programs.

Venture Capital Funds for funding DAOs

Our venture capital funds empower stakeholders who want to fund DAOs by raising capital, making deals, and multiplying returns.

We intend to setup an official fund for Avolve branded initiatives, a special fund for DAOs built on Hypha or Fractally, plus a general fund for those endeavors that do not fit into the other two categories, but are obviously aligned with the overall intention of Avolve.

If you’re funding a venture, you’re welcome to setup a fund. Or you can focus on sourcing new deals and supporting existing deals.

We are working together to build, fund, and help DAOs.

Let’s talk a bit about what our coop, studio, and fund will do for you and your DAO, if you decide to join and become a full participant.

Techniques, Technical Information and Technologies for DAOs

You can benefit from the courses, events, forums, and groups. We will feature you and your DAO everywhere we can through our site and various Avolve media channels. You can propose to feature your existing courses and events and/or you can propose new things.

Our intention is to work together to curate and codify the most useful information on how to join a DAO, start a DAO, and grow a DAO.

Imagine the immense value that is made available via aggregating and distributing the collective intelligence and individual learnings from those who are intimately involved in DAOs. If we proactively work together, then we’ll positively impact humanity and earthlings.

Aside from that…

We specialize in supporting people who want to enter a DAO or make a DAO that’s built using the technology from Fractally or Hypha. Our coop is dedicated to those who are participating within the ecosystems of Fractally and/or Hypha as well as using their softwares for innovating on our own ideas for DAOs that aim to solve major problems we are passionate about and which affect a lot of humans.

Ultimately, we have our own ideas for DAOs that we want to see branded with the name Avolve, which we’re working toward together, so that Avolve gradually becomes a conglomerate of recognized, respected, beloved brands that provide extremely beneficial values.

Inventing, Improving, and Managing Growth Engines for DAOs

You can participate in our incubator and accelerator programs. We acknowledge that the main reason ventures fail is because teams are building things that people don’t want to use, which can be avoided by applying tools and processes to systematically reduce the risk and uncertainty of new business ideas. Our studio focuses on what’s needed for designing and running world-class experiments.

Whether you’re inventing a new growth engine or improving an existing growth engine, our studio is here to assist you along the way.

Endorsing Entrepreneurial Teams and Winning Ideas for DAOs

You can reward yourself as an investor in new ideas and DAOs. We actively source new deals while also supporting the existing deals.

We believe winning ideas for DAOs can best be described through basic building blocks that show the logic of how a team intends to deliver value and make money through their DAO. That’s why we always aim to constantly assess the desirability, feasibility, viability, and adaptability of potential ventures as well as actual ventures in our portfolio, so we only invest big to scale ideas that are working.

The DAO of Building, Funding, and Helping DAOs thrive.

How it works is we encourage three specific kinds of contributors who each specialize in a specific fundamental movement of a DAO. 

Let’s go down to the deepest fundamental movements of a DAO, down where the meaning of a DAO reveals itself. Beneath the many physical and mental movements within a DAO are these three fundamental movements:

The DAO of Building

If you want to build a DAO, then you need a builder (or a team of builders) with talent and a specialized focus on building the venture.

As Venture Builders, we focus on building ventures through achieving fit on paper, in the market, and in the wallet. We’re the builders.

The DAO of Building is the way we build ventures via our venture builder studio for DAOs with our incubator and accelerator program.

The DAO of Funding

If you want to fund a DAO, then you need a funder (or a team of funders) with talent and a specialized focus on funding your venture.

As Venture Partners, we focus on funding ventures through raising capital, making deals and managing a portfolio. We’re the funders.

The DAO of Funding is the way we fund ventures (i.e., fundraising, dealmaking and rainmaking) via our venture capital fund for DAOs.

The DAO of Helping

If you want to help a DAO, then you need a helper (or a team of helpers) with talent and a specialized focus on assisting your venture.

As Venture Associates, we focus on aiding ventures through sourcing new assets while supporting existing assets. We’re the helpers.

The DAO of Helping is the way we help ventures via our venture cooperative that is able to benefit individuals plus reward collectives.

A DAO is a way to collaborate together on growing ventures without having one central leader. A venture in the context of a DAO is a value proposition or business model that is collaboratively built, owned, or maintained. It is worth noting that these three contributor  roles within the Avolve DAO are not necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, some contributors may play multiple roles simultaneously.

How you can join and access the benefits and rewards!

If you’re already interested or involved in a DAO, then we’d like to invite you to join the Avolve DAO, so you can work together with us.

Join as a Builder 🤩

Are you solving a problem, creating a product, and offering a solution? If you love building ventures, then join us as a venture builder.

Join us as a Builder, if you want to collaborate on building ventures, share your learnings and inspire the next generations of Builders.

Join as a Funder 🤑

Are you an adept investor with successes in deploying venture capital? If you love funding ventures, then join us as a venture partner.

Join us as a Funder, if you want to collaborate on funding ventures, share your learnings and impact the next generations of Funders.

Join as a Helper 😇

Are you excellent at supporting innovators or investors in succeeding? If you love aiding ventures, then join us as a venture associate. 

Join us as a Helper, if you want to collaborate on helping ventures, share your learnings and impress the next generations of Helpers.

However, if you are NOT currently interested or involved in a DAO, then you are still invited to go further and learn more about Avolve, because you may decide what is happening here intrigues you and perhaps provides a way to tap into your deepest motivational root.

How to Get Started

The best way to get started is through our course Discover Avolve DAO, which has several short videos with everything about Avolve.

How to Keep Going

Once you’ve completed that course, attended the event and formally joined the DAO, then keep going with your Guidebook to Avolve.

Why you may want to join and become a member now.

Why join the Avolve DAO now? Only less than 10,000 members can participate in the DAO at any given time, so if you decided to wait too long, then you would have to be on a waiting list until another member leaves the DAO at which point we’ll accept a new member.

Additionally, nothing else quite like Avolve exists, which is exactly why we are co-creating it into existence, so if you joined now, then you’d be participating in the very early stages of something that can eventually become the catalyst for avolving human life on Earth.

Avolve is a network and group working together to maximize the power and independence of our members and thereby securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. A group of us can be more powerful than the sum of our members, but all groups need a means to effectively work together and attain their full potential. We use a new governance process to protect and enhance the independence and power of those who join. When you join us, you gain access to a network and group of people working together to empower you.

Why is it safe and smart to join us? We offer a fairly radical open door policy, so you can resign your membership and leave any time.

The Avolve DAO is not for everyone and it may not be for you, but if you’re undecided, then we challenge you to follow your intuition and browse our site (and content) well enough that you can really get a clear sense of the core intentions and ambitions of the DAO.

Become a Better DAO Stakeholder

If you’re aiming to empower yourself to become a better DAO stakeholder and enjoy your role in the next generation of DAOs, then we encourage you to learn more about the benefits of membership. Enroll in the course, RSVP for the upcoming event, and join us inside!

Create Value for DAO Stakeholders

If you’re intending to continue your journey of creating more value for your DAO as well as opportunities for stakeholders to add more value, then let’s work together, so we can get more done faster. Once you’ve joined the DAO, be sure to check out the welcome pack.